Power Splitter Coupler Attenuator Combiner Filter Duplexer Load We can provide product customization per customer’s request. Combiner / Point of Interface (POI) Antenna Separate system UL/DL help decrease mutual interference. Interior components adopt High-Q resonant cavity structure with low loss, able to endure high power. Flexible configuration with great extendibility. Standardized component design allowing the interchange ability of the same modules. Ultra-wide band 50Mhz~2500Mhz (The lowest is compatible with FM, and the highest is compatible with WLAN). 19” cabinet with integrated framework design. Perfect and reliable monitoring & control functions. Co-Frequency Band Combiner APN10-W100D Two UMTS2100 BTS Sharing Same Feeders, TMAs and Antennas. Multiple DC/AISG BYpass Configurations. Light weight and Small Footprint. ROHS Compliant. Housing is IP67 Rated. APN10-W100D Datasheet
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