Gel Seal Enclosure Innovative Weatherproofing System 1/2” Cable-to-Antenna 1/2” Cable-to-7/8” Feeder Cable 1/2” Cable-to-1 5/8” Feeder Cable Grounding Kit of 7/8” Feeder Cable Quick installation, just take seconds; No tool installation Reusable More than 20 years lifespan ISO9001:2008 quality management system ROHS certificate of products Cable Hoisting Grip Closed & Open Weave Type (HGC/HGO) Hoisting Grip for 3/8” Cable Hoisting Grip for 1/2” Cable Hoisting Grip for 7/8” Cable Hoisting Grip for 5/4” Cable Hoisting Grip for 13/8” Cable Made with 304 Stainless Steel Feeder Click-On Clamp/Hanger Miniature Click-On Hanger Double Click-On Hanger Single Click-On Hanger Plastic Hanger
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